Italy – Abruzzo mountains, farmhouse and farm stay

Il Timo (agriturismo & farm), is located in the mountains, in Abruzzo (center of Italy) and was born from the idea of the owners, to preserve and enhance the family farming traditions.

Our farm is set in a suggestive mountain setting in Abruzzo, where you can still hear the sounds of the farms, where you can spot the deer at dusk and where it is not difficult to meet wild boars and foxes that are the true masters of these places of natural reserve.
We are in a quiet location away from the chaos, with fresh and pure air.

Mountain’s farm in Abruzzo, Italy

Our family, through our parents, has always been dedicated to cultivation and breeding. After years of experience, these traditions are transmitting today to the youngest.

As young people, accustomed to modernity, to a “speed” of a different era, to new technologies, with a wealth of education and work experience in large companies, now we are also recovering those traditions from which – in some way – we had moved away .

Abruzzo has always been a “green” region, rich in parks but it is also a land rich of work and passion, history and ideals.
We preserve our “wealth” as gastronomic traditions that we keep alive in our dishes and our hearts.  We want to enhance them and improve them through a cultural background learned in more modern contexts, rediscovering our traditions.

Near our farm there are several farms that will be happy having you there to taste the fresh milk, or the eggs just taken from the hens and then … the owners will surprise you with their tributes: freshly baked desserts, to be enjoyed with jams homemade, honey …


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